Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Emancipation Community

I proposed the other day that the emancipation project be promoted to the Emancipation Community.

The way I see it, Jason & Steven's work on the ce driver, Roland's work on the xpg/posix stuff
and my libc_i18n work are all loosely related in that they are all reimplementations of closed source stuff, but aren't really as closely micro-coupled as much as one might think a project is ( we don't share an hg repo set, for example )

Here's what Plocher and I came up with for a charter:

Emancipation Community Charter ( rev 1 )
CG Problem statement

The OpenSolaris operating system is not completely open
because several components that are required to build and
boot the OS are only available in the "closed bin" archives.

Initially, the focus will be on selected high-value efforts,
such as self-hosting an open ON, drivers, posix utils, but
the long range intent is to eliminate the need for (and use
of) closed source software on the opensolaris OE.


Quarterly progress reports will be produced and sent to the
OS-announce alias to keep the larger community informed of
our progress.

In order of priority:

Goal 0: Replace the components needed to build and boot
the ON consolidation with whatever shims, hacks
and scaffolding is needed to produce a proof of
concept that self-hosts and boots, followed by a
reimplementation of the userland utilities as per same.

Goal 1: Determine the best way to replace the above hacks
with a permanent solution, including decision
making architectural and design guidelines that
can be used in similar situations elsewhere in
the emancipation effort (i.e., should we reuse
from some particular other open OS, roll our own,
do without; what makes a good -vs- poor choice,
how do we choose without causing unnecessary
strife, ...? Collaboration with the ARC community
is implied during this stage.

Goal 2: Develop and push the changes prototyped in phase
0 and formalized in phase 1 into the ON (and other)
consolidation(s) and remove the associated closed
bin pieces.

Goal 3: Seek replacement for high-use closed source software
such as media players, rich web players, etc.

Goal 4: After completion of goals 0 - 3, disband the community

To facilitate this community, the initial list of core contributors (
should they accept ) shall be:

John Sonnenschein ( error404 )
Core Contributors:
Jason King ( jbk )
Steve Stallion ( stallion )
Roland Mainz ( gisburn )
Joerg Schilling ( joerg )
John Sonnenschein ( error404 ) ( note: i'm not sure if this is
implied by "facilitator" )
Garret D'Amore ( gdamore )
John Plocher ( plocher )