Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mid-program Update

So, it seems my updates are getting less frequent as time goes on, but I'm sure that if you graphed it logarithmically, it'd still look somewhat linear at first glance ;)

Anyhow, The middle of the program has come and gone this week, I've gotten the midterm payment from Google and here's where I stand at the moment:

Most of the functions in my list are complete, with the exception of date/time stuff, which I'll work on next week. I finished off getwc/setwc and friends this week.

The subsequent week ( or next week, we'll see how things go ) I'll be shoving my libc_i18n.a in place of the one shipped with closed_bins and seeing what happens. Hopefully it won't blow up in my face, but that's what testing hardware is for.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Halfway there...

It's the 4th of July today, which means happy birthday America to everyone in the country to my immediate south.

It also means that mid-term evaluations for the Summer of Code begin in two days.

Here's my own personal evaluation of myself:

I've got well over 3/4 of the major function groups done ( "function groups" meaning collate, regex, get/set characters/lines, binary is(alpha | number | English | punctuation ), etc ) and compiling cleanly, with some minor testing (albeit not on edge cases) completing successfully. I have a printout of libc_i18n.a's elfdump(1) symbol table output that I've been crossing off with a Sharpie, and it's getting more and more black by the day.

I feel as though I can complete the coding in the next few weeks, spend the remainder of the program testing & doing the minor tweaking required, and then work on integrating the code to the main Solaris tree ( which, as I understand it, is not necessary for the Summer of Code, so I didn't budget time for it )