Monday, January 12, 2009

Submitting packages to pending/

The OpenSolaris pending/ and contrib/ repos are open.

As a result, I was asked to document the procedure for turning a bunch of useless source in to a useful package. After wading through a bunch of occasionally outdated information, here's what I came up with.

Step 1:
Install the JDS cbe from
update: and run cbe-install ( thanks Luca )

$ cd /opt
$ wget -O /tmp/jdscbe.tar.bz2
$ bzcat /tmp/jdscbe.tar.bz2 | tar -xf -
$ cd jdscbe-1.6.2; ./cbe-install
Step 2:
Make your spec file.

The Fedora project publishes a collection of them, props to them for that. I didn't find much utility in them simply because OpenSolaris and Fedora are quite different, but I'd just as soon chalk that up to a personal failing. I found the spec-files-extra repository to be a much more useful resource for templates.

You will need to strip out plenty of %include directives, since they're not really relevant to not-sfe files. The sections should be pretty self-explanatory, and the people on the mailing lists and irc channels are helpful if you don't understand something.

Just for posterity, the spec file I submitted is here. It just copies some files in to apache's wwwroot.

Step 3:
Set up your environment, and build with pkgtool ( Let's use Drupal as an example)

$ . /opt/jdsbld/bin/
$ pkgtool build --download drupal.spec


then uninstall the SysVR4 package

$ pfexec pkgrm drupal

Step 4:

make a local package repo:

$ pfexec svccfg -s pkg/server "setprop pkg/port=10000"
$ pfexec svcadm refresh pkg/server
$ pfexec svcadm enable pkg/server
$ pfexec svcadm restart pkg/server

and add your local repo as a pkg(5) authority

$ pfexec pkg set-authority -O http://localhost:10000 localhost

Step 5:

add your package to your local repo.

$ eval `pkgsend open drupal@6.8`
$ pkgsend import /export/home/johns/packages/PKGS/drupal/
$ pkgsend close

and install your package with pkg(1) and test again.

$ pfexec pkg install drupal

Step 6:

Everything work? License in the .spec file is kosher? Excellent.

You're ready to submit your .spec file to (you'll need to subscribe first as it is set to auto-reject nonsubscribers). Send a friendly email including your .spec file and they'll take it from there.


Luca Morettoni said...

Into step 1, when you unpack the tar file you need to run this extra step:

(temp folder)/cbe-install

where (temp folder) is usually jds-cbe-$VERSION

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