Tuesday, December 11, 2007

KDE & DTrace

At the moment I'm looking at adding dtrace probes to Apache/RogueWave's libstdcxx ( the C++ standard library) and I'm coming up against a couple hurdles, not least of which is the requirement for C++ name mangling.

C++ implements templates, namespaces, function overloading, inheritance and a myriad of other things that make plaintext names for functions unfeasible. So, in order to properly probe a function, we can't use the standard provider:module:function:probe naming scheme ( since the function will be something meaningless like
__1cEswap4Ci_6FrTA1_v_ for a function named 'swap'

My current thought is
that, since the function name is meaningless, perhaps we ought to exploit the probe names.

Talking with Damian on irc, we came up with a naming scheme for our probes that looks something like this:
namespace_[class, if any]_function__probename

So a function like will have a probe named 'entry' that looks something like global-swap-TT-TT-entry.

The other option is to pretend the problem doesn't exist, use the fbt provider as normal, and pipe dtrace -l through c++filt but I don't really like that.

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