Sunday, April 15, 2007


So, I've created this blog because I was accepted to participate in Google's Summer of Code program, which is awesome!

The project I'll be working on is to re-implement OpenSolaris' internationalization functions that are in closed_bins at the moment, meaning they're not open-source.

The reason I chose this project is because one, I believe in (Open)Solaris, I think it's an unbeatable platform, and two, because I believe in open-source.
I think OpenSolaris will really begin to take off when it no longer relies on Sun Micro. to build. As great a company as they are, I can see how people can get scared off by the fact that there are still closed binary components and you can't really build an OSol distribution without the bi-weekly closed binaries.

I'm not hip to this whole blogging thing, but I'll try to remember to write an entry fairly regularly through the summer, to sort of document the whole experience.

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Stephen said...

Congrats... I'm looking forward to seeing the progress of the emancipation project. :)