Thursday, April 26, 2007

first compile

Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I've found FreeBSD's source to contain piles of eminently useful code.

I'm slowly starting to migrate fBSD's locale stuff to a standalone repo, and I've got a couple files to compile without error.

Whether they work or not is a different story, and I would be surprised if they did to be honest, but it is a start.

At this point I'm thinking that the best course of action is getting the proverbial square peg of fBSD's locale subsystem working on it's own, and writing wrappers to fit it in to Solaris' similarly proverbial round hole with proper type mangling first, and when that's working, move on to the rest of the libc_i18n functions that FreeBSD doesn't implement.


Garrett D'Amore said...

This is great progress. Keep it up! (As you probably know, lots of people are following your work here.)

michaelvk said...

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