Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Halfway there...

It's the 4th of July today, which means happy birthday America to everyone in the country to my immediate south.

It also means that mid-term evaluations for the Summer of Code begin in two days.

Here's my own personal evaluation of myself:

I've got well over 3/4 of the major function groups done ( "function groups" meaning collate, regex, get/set characters/lines, binary is(alpha | number | English | punctuation ), etc ) and compiling cleanly, with some minor testing (albeit not on edge cases) completing successfully. I have a printout of libc_i18n.a's elfdump(1) symbol table output that I've been crossing off with a Sharpie, and it's getting more and more black by the day.

I feel as though I can complete the coding in the next few weeks, spend the remainder of the program testing & doing the minor tweaking required, and then work on integrating the code to the main Solaris tree ( which, as I understand it, is not necessary for the Summer of Code, so I didn't budget time for it )

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